dimanche, janvier 07, 2018

Replacing a Raspberry Pi by an Odroid C2 for HEVC support

My mediacenter was, since some years now, a Raspberry Pi with OpenElec.
But more and more of available contents are using HEVC (H.265) video codecs, then not supported on this platform. I was looking for a same size factor replacement with HEVC support, then I've started to test the Pine64 but was very disappointed by the poor support of its graphic drivers under Linux (only a very slow Android image was able to decode HEVC on this board).
Hopefully I've found a good candidate into LibreElec (an OpenElec fork)'s list of supported hardware: HardKernel Odroid C2.

The migration step I've followed was this one:
  1. Upgrading my old OpenElec (7.0.1) to the latest one (8.0.4) on the Raspberry Pi
  2. Switching (upgrading) OpenElec to LibreElec on the Raspberry Pi
  3. Backuping LibreElec configuration into an USB key
  4. Installing LibreElec on the Odroid C2
  5. Restoring LibreElec configurations from the USB key: all my network shares, database, settings were restored.
And now I can enjoy to play HEVC movies downloaded from YGGTorrent.

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